Why Tai Chi?

Since I do not wish to ascribe to rituals, making them gods in the their own right, yet feel compelled to learn, perform and perfect Tai Chi, and do so on a near-daily basis, the question inevitably surfaces, why? Why then, the “ritual” of Tai Chi?

The initial response to myself (since no one else has yet to poke their nose into this conundrum) was meditation. Tai Chi is just another form of meditation. But as with all thoughts, this seedling branched, sprouting another query. How many meditations do you need? Don’t you already do a sitting meditation right after completing Tai Chi?

stackSometimes I want go all W.C. Fields on ego suggesting it, “Go away, kid, You bother me.”

So, during Tai Chi this morning, I let the question roll around inside my vast and arid mind like a marble in a beach ball. When finally the marble stuck, giving it a quick inspection, here’s the idea it offered.

Tai Chi is, for me, a metaphor for my upcoming day. As with each day, I seek to remain in peace. Peace is an inner stillness thing. But, while traipsing around in the ego domain, action seems an imperative. That is, both outer as well as inner action. (Note that “outer” action is only seeming since thoughts do not leave their source.) Since I cannot ride two horses, follow two masters, or whichever of these “not have cake and eat it, too” metaphors you wish to employ, the closest approximation I’ve yet to discover that sets the tone for the day I want, that is, having while eating cake, is Tai Chi−stillness amidst turmoil.

In short−acclimation.

~ by a.b.johnson on 11/09/2009.

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