Hounds of Love

After meditation this morning, for some reason, a line from Kate’s Bush’s 1985 masterpiece album Hounds of Love popped into my head. I cannot recall the line, but it led me into thinking of the work as a whole.

Though Kate would never claim this, for as is related in the Wikipedia entry about the album, Kate’s inspiration ran far from those I’m about to project onto the work, when employing but a minimum of contrast, I can see the work from start to finish as a musical/poetic metaphor for “The Grand Experiment,” also known in Course circles as “the tiny mad idea.” When I think through the lyrics, placement of selections, mental imagery, and emotional details, and though Kate may not have intended for this work to convey so grand a scope with such epic themes, I can see a very strong resonance with the story of man;  from separation, through revelation, and to redemption.  Granted, I’m reading a lot into it.


After all, life’s symbols, though varied in form, structure, and shape, contain, in the final analysis, a singular idea – “I have inadvertently lost myself; meaning my connectedness, my wholeness; have come to grasp this, and wish now to go home.” There are  a million ways to convey this. And I believe, whether intentional or otherwise, Kate Bush has masterfully drawn for us an impressive as well as compelling picture of this journey. If I had more time this morning, I would eek out my play-by-play on each tune and how it relates to this impression. But, then, that would just be my opinion (as is this blog entry.) Better that you make time to spend with this emotionally stirring album, entertaining it from this ideal and see what you think.

Share the wealth.  Lemme know your take.

~ by a.b.johnson on 11/12/2009.

One Response to “Hounds of Love”

  1. Kate Bush has always been about so much more than music. Her music is created within stage drama and choreography. Hers is a life of a mime. Since day one. Her art is a sweep of small “plays” that come through in her music. And, she is so cute.

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