Morning Prayer

Though I have shared this Morning Prayer once already in an earlier post (Showing Up and…), I have since adjusted it a tad and I has a bit more, oh, shall we say, umph. Plus I wanted to isolate and sort of showcase it for those who may wish to use it, though, if you have your own that works, by all means stick with it.

There is a bit of a routine that goes along with the prayer itself. The instant I agree that it’s time to finally oust myself from under the covers after waking, I give a good hardy stretch. While doing so, I reach within to allow for as much love as possible to fill my heart and mind. Then I give a light smile and offer the prayer which goes like this:

Holy Spirit,
Supplant me this day.
Use my hands, feet, body, Mind and Voice as your own.
Guide me as to where to go,
What to do,
What to say,
And to whom.
Help me to perform those miracles that you would have performed this day.
I give this holy instant to you.
Be you in charge.
For your direction reveals peace.
And as to all my blessings,
Including those as yet to be,
Thank you.

There you go.

I never do the Amen thing afterwards. Can’t say why, exactly. Just don’t feel it I guess. But feel free to adapt this little Morning Prayer in whatever way best puts you into an awareness of gratitude and eternal connectedness. After all, that’s what it is for.

Be blissed!

~ by a.b.johnson on 01/27/2010.

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