Jesus’ Final Sermon

Bleeding to death, broken and hanging from a splinter-laden wooden cross, Jesus delivered his final sermon. Terse and to the point, but all-encompassing in its splendorous revelation, it tells the whole story of humanity while also supplying the antidote to all human suffering.

“Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”

Lost amid self-loathing and bitter resentment, striking out so as to purge the constant pain of living, of surviving; coveting power in an futile attempt to prevent self-suffering and death, most people of that time were oblivious to fact that the horrors they experienced were endemic to the patterns of their thoughts, manifest through a constant fear of loss, and indicative of their insistence on being divorced from themselves and from their unity in Spirit. Oblivious. They did not know.

Still do they not know. Thus each is sacrificed unnecessarily, personally crucified within one’s own being. Peace and love, whose dominance could proliferate, on earth, as it is in heaven, is but a moments acknowledgment away. It lies in forgiveness. To acknowledge one’s rightful place within the heart of the Father, within Spirit, as Spirit; a whole, complete, undivided, graceful, beloved Child of God; acknowledgement – Atonement – is the essence of forgiveness.

Christ, Jesus arisen, as our ever-constant internal guide, by whatever name you give Him, awaits to celebrate in the following final agreement with Spirit.

“Father, we thank you. We know now ourselves within you!”

~ by a.b.johnson on 03/10/2012.

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