Atta Boy!

Amidst conversation during a recent award luncheon in Nashville, Calvin, my boss’s boss, questioned me as to where I hailed from. I told him that I was from Memphis then asked him why his curiosity. Kim, my boss, joined him in the pronouncement of his suspicions that I was from elsewhere because I was too laid back for Memphis. I stated that I was once considered by a friend to be a “California” type personality. They agreed.

Yet, considering it further, I have arrived at a much better answer. Thanks to my practicing the Course, in whatever small capacity I do, I tend to live more in my faith than in some plan, and forgive more readily than condemn.

Don’t be mistaken. I’ve still plenty of issues. But, I must also take stock of my comrade’s noticing as, perhaps, Holy Spirit offering a gentle pat on the back. I can teach peace while learning peace.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the encouragement. And thank you, too, Kim and Calvin for being open enough to be urged to speak His Word.

~ by a.b.johnson on 09/16/2012.

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