This Bitter Cup II

God did not respond to Jesus when in the garden he pleaded that his Father remove from his mind the deeply set image of the suffering of man. It was not that God would not intervene, but that God does not. To do so is to limit the absolute, unmitigated freedom of his creations, of his children – of Jesus’ freedom as an unrestricted being within eternity.

Jesus already knew this. Yet, being a brother to every human, he lamented all the same. Thus, the image of suffering remained, even to the point upon the cross wherein it is purported that Jesus begged to understand why his Father had forsaken him. Then, in a shining moment, he understood. The image was there because Jesus, himself, had placed it there, believed in it, nurtured it, responded to it and, now, had grown beyond it. Through sweat stained eyes, swollen to slits, he looked upon the murderous throng, smiled in his heart, then offered his final sermon, “Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.” What goes unspoken to this day are the last two words of that infamous sermon, ” . . . to themselves.”


~ by a.b.johnson on 03/02/2013.

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